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myAfroCity brings together hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, creators, influencers and just as many initiatives and events of African origin in cities around the world. Go and discover these actors by downloading our app and discover its incredible features.

High quality listings

High quality listings: Browse the largest and most comprehensive directory of Afro-descendant businesses in Europe, including descriptions, photos, contact data, customer reviews and much more.

Easy search

Quick and easy search: Search and discover hundreds of businesses and initiatives of african-descents near you, from doctors to restaurants.


Multilingual: myAfroCity aims to transcend barrierss, starting with the language barrier. Therefore, the application is available in the 3 European languages: French, English and German.

User profile

User profile: Create a user profile and manage your space, give feedback on listings, create and manage your own business listing, event or announcement

And much more

And much more: many other features of the application are waiting to be discovered.

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Whether you are looking for a restaurant, a business, an event or a classified ad, myAfroCity is your ideal search engine. Browse through a wide range of categories or search directly for nearby locations.

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Enjoy an interactive map with geolocation and GPS routing between your location and the position of the desired business, event or classified ad. Get a quick overview of listings near your location.

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Add easily a business, event or classified ad directly to our directory using your user account by choosing one of our three subscription packages.

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Log in to your personalized customer area and manage your content from your administration interface-

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Click on the platform button for your smartphone to download directory application for free and start enjoying the amazing features today and connect with the global Afrodiaspora community.

  • What is myAfroCity ?

    myAfroCity is a platform that references businesses and initiatives run by Africans or Afro-descendants in Europe, and allows its users to find them easily.

  • is myAfroCity only meant for afro-descendants ?

    Absolutely not!

    myAfroCity is accessible to anyone, no matter their country of origin, race, gender, religious belief or sexual orientation.

    We promote businesses and activities of african and african-descents to encourage their participation in the economy, which we see as a key factor to their inclusion in the societies in which they live.

  • What is the purpose of myAfroCity ?

    The goal of myAfroCity is to make it easy for anyone in the world to find businesses of african-descents and activities happening in the afro-community.

  • In which coutries are the listings in myAfroCity located ?

    myAfroCity is available in all countries of the world.
    However you will find mainly listings from the main European countries in the App, and also listings from America and Africa.

    The Afro-descendant community in the world is constantly growing. In the long run, myAfroCity wants to reference any initiative of Africans and African descents, regardless of their place of residence.

    To reach this goal we do also count on the support of the Afro-Community. Do not hesitate to send us businesses or initiatives you think should be listed on myAfroCity.

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